Thursday, 10 November 2011

. . . Oskar & Ellen Children's Play Sets!

I happened to come across these amazing handmade soft play sets by Oskar & Ellen when I was searching online for a picnic basket - a strange thing to be searching for in November I know- but I really like picnics!

The play set I first found takes the form of a picnic basket with goodies inside.

Oskar & Ellen Picnic Basket

But there are many more sets that are equally as wonderful. There's the Soft Tea Set with cupcakes and teapot, the English Afternoon Tea Set with strawberries and cake stand, and the Gardening Set complete with soft watering can.

Oskar & Ellen Soft Tea Set

Oskar & Ellen English Tea Set
Oskar & Ellen Gardening Set

There's even a Nativity Set for those of you who are starting to think about Christmas.

Oskar & Ellen Nativity Set

Sadly all the children I know are too old to play with these toys, but I'm very tempted to buy one anyway and just have it displayed as an ornament!


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