Monday, 2 January 2012

. . .Lisbeth Dahl Jewellery Stands

I always have difficulty finding pretty jewellery stands that are tall enough for long necklaces and so they frequently end up lying around and getting tangled, but recently I came across the Lisbeth Dahl range which seem to provide an answer to my problem.

66cm Tall Stand!

The Lisbeth Dahl range ticks all the boxes; they're reasonably priced, elegant, and at a height of upto 66cm, they're tall enough for even the longest of my jewellery!

Wave Lisbeth Dahl - 50cm

Queen Lisbeth Dahl - 65cm

There're plenty to choose from, but if you're after something fancy, the Queen Lisbeth Dahl stand is perfect, and there's even a matching earring stand available in miniature.

So now I'll be able to bid farewell to tangled chains!


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