Thursday, 26 January 2012

. . . World Book Night

Note: Make sure to sign up by the 1st February!

On April 23rd 1 million books are going to be given out across the UK, and 20,000 people are needed to help. Every giver receives 24 copies and the idea is to give the books out to people who wouldn't normally pick up a book, and spread the joy of reading.

My First Choice
 There are 20 titles to choose from and you can state a preference for your favourite!

Although I like several of the top 20 books, I think my chosen book would have to be The Time Traveller's Wife. It's fast paced and easy to get into, I was impressed with how all the events tied together and it also made me cry - a lot. Which for me usually tends to be a sign of a good book. I'm also fairly sure that it caused my lingering obsession with Doctor Who!

So which book would you pick from the list, or would you choose a different book to share?


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